It has been about 7 years since my last university foray and I have never studied by distance before.  Certainly, undertaking a course entirely online is a novelty for me.  My biggest worry about this course at the moment, apart from time management, is my academic writing.  Will it cut the mustard?  So I’ve found the list of resources on academic writing and critical thinking provided in ITL 401 very comforting.

Whilst I have had access to online journals in my previous studies, I’ve never really taken advantage of them.  I’ve always been more comfortable with print.  Being able to physically handle the words, using highlighters and scribbling all over text with a pen (photocopies of course!!) has been my mode of study.  I’ve always had access to, and made use of, a physical library with physical books and physical journals.  This course is forcing me outside of my comfort zone (not a bad thing – you don’t know what you can do until you try).  I’m experimenting with citelighter to keep a track of my electronic reading and virtual notes.  We’ll see how it goes with the first essay.  I’m also making use of Livebinder to collect the various websites and readings required for the course.

The online tutorial on how to use Primo and other online databases has been useful but I think I will be revisiting it time and again until I “get” it.