Whilst reading for ITL401 I came across this little gem…

Blogs have the potential to be used for more than online diaries. Camplese (2009) proposes that blogging be used to create an individualized content management system that publishes, organizes, and archives an on-going activity feed of … learning (“Blogs at Penn State” section, para. 3, line 4). Most personal blogging platforms such as WordPress (wordpress.com) and Blogger (blogger.com) also make it easy to go beyond basic text and incorporate other media, such as photographs, videos, and audio. Besides enriching and enlivening a post, these tools make it possible for an individual to publish artifacts that are ill-served by text-only displays.  (Berge, and McElvaney, 2009)

So now the pressure is on….looks like I’m going to have to introduce some razzle dazzle to this blog and bling it up….


Berge, Z. and  McElvaney, J. (2009). Weaving a Personal Web: Using online technologies to create customized, connected, and dynamic learning environments, Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, 35 (2). Retrieved from http://cjlt.csj.ualberta.ca/index.php/cjlt/article/viewArticle/524/257