Has the school in which you work (or know best) developed an information literacy policy?

The secondary school in which I work does not have an official information literacy policy. We were recently informed that our school is the recipient of Commonwealth funding to improve literacy and numeracy.  It will be interesting to see if a broader view of literacy is taken in terms of the use of this funding or if it will go to traditional forms of literacy – ie reading and writing.

Should this be an essential policy for a 21st century school?

It would seem from the myriad interpretations of the definition of information literacy (Langford, 1998) that creating such a policy might be rather tricky. However, an attempt should be made to create a flexible policy that fits the school culture and how the school community views information literacy.  I think, with the looming implementation of the new Australian curriculum in some faculties, that information literacy will need to be addressed in the planning of new units as technology is embedded in the syllabuses.

How is information literacy approached in your school or experience? Do you see gaps in the approach used, and if so, where?

Information literacy is approached in a rather haphazard manner at my school.  It seems to be up to the classroom teachers as individuals to apply information literacy to varying degrees and standards, or not at all.  The TL runs some basic introductory lessons and is very happy to help with information literacy when approached – but has not directed or implemented an overarching or uniform approach in the school.  I have no idea what happens during computer lessons – I imagine there would be some form of information literacy addressed there.

How can a transliteracy approach expand the teaching role of the TL beyond the traditional information literacy paradigm?

Ipri (2010) has effectively stated that transliteracy is difficult to pin down both in terms of defining it and in terms of where it is headed.  It appears to be still evolving.  This makes it rather difficult to identify how the teaching role of the TL could be expanded by using a transliteracy approach.  However, it is evident that the TL does need to keep abreast of the developments.


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